Pilot in Clalit Health Services: Remote monitoring of patients in critical condition

Essence, Sharan Home Medicine and Clalit Health Services have launched a unique pilot to monitor patients’ medical condition using groundbreaking technology, VitalOn, to remotely monitor patients and reduce hospital congestion. During the pilot, dozens of patients were treated in a home hospital using the system, which is individually tailored to the patient’s condition. “Within a short time from the start of the pilot we saw clear results, when the system identified a patient with a life-threatening stasis, and a medical team with an oxygen balloon was called to the scene,” it was reported.

Essence’s VitalOn technology is a platform for remote patient monitoring, designed to serve the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases, in a simple and user-friendly operation. It is a combination of online medical technologies that are securely connected together to the cellular network, and monitor around the clock a wide range of indicators and chronic conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart failure.

Barak Katz, CEO of Essence SmartCare from the Essence Group, said: “The successful pilot emphasizes our commitment to improving the medical services provided in the patient’s home and assisting the health system at a critical time of global pandemic.” Dr. Haim Amir, Founder and CEO of the Israeli Essence Group: Essence SmartCare is a world leader in the revolution of home hospitalization and monitoring of chronic patients in their homes. The innovative system will significantly alleviate the burden on the medical staff in the wards, and will ensure that no patient is left behind. ”

Dr. Yves Bitton, founder and medical director of Sharan Medicine to the Home, added: “Monitoring has allowed us to hospitalize Corona patients in moderate and even difficult conditions, to help and bring about their recovery, all in the comfort, safety and environment of their home.” Doron Netzer, head of the medical department at Clalit Health Services’ community division, concluded: “The future is already here: a virtual visit to the patient’s home from a medical center that monitors the patient 24 hours a day, combined with an initiated frontal visit according to the patient’s medical condition.”

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