For the first time in Israel, a marine cyber conference was held last week, when the Port of Ashdod hosted global cyber experts. At the conference, panels were held that dealt with cyber threats, various approaches and the proposed solutions. The purpose of the meeting was, among other things, to strengthen the bodies’ international cooperation in terms of information and existing technological solutions in the field.

Ashdod Port CEO Shiko Zana: “Many perceive the port as a traditional, industrial and outdated body, but we are in the midst of a revolutionary process that we are already reaping. Through investments, the creation of strategic partnerships and technological initiatives, the port has become an innovative, efficient and advanced body in the past year. “

Another speaker at the conference, the head of Israel’s national cyber network, Yigal Ona, said that “one of the advantages we have in the country as a start-up nation is that everything is close and everyone knows everyone. This is a huge advantage in the field of cyber defense.”

Una added that “we need to run faster, promote the existing Israeli cyber ecosystem, and create information sharing and partnerships that have already been proven to be the best tools for dealing with cyber challenges. The entire marine system in the world is already connected, we need to ensure fast and transparent cooperation.” In the field of marine cyber

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