Google has suspended the sale of online ads in Russia

Google has announced it has suspended the sale of online ads in Russia, adding that the ban covers search, YouTube and affiliate publishers.

The world’s largest online advertising retailer in terms of revenue has joined a series of companies that severed business ties with Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, including Twitter and Snap.

“Given the extraordinary circumstances, we are pausing with Google ads in Russia. The situation is evolving rapidly, and we will release new information when appropriate,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

Google has already banned Russian state media from using its technology when buying and selling ads. Citing internal rules on business in the event of sensitive events, he also banned advertising that seeks to take advantage of the war.

Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor ordered Google earlier this week to stop displaying ads with “inaccurate information about the victims of Russian forces and Ukrainian civilians.”

On Thursday, Roskomnadzor also asked Google to stop displaying ads with “false political information” about Ukraine on YouTube, aimed at “placing inaccurate information in the Russian public,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

Google already paid more than 32 million rubles in fines in Russia last year for violating content regulations, which Moscow also penalizes for violating access to services, Reuters notes.

The SPARK business database announced last year that Google’s turnover in Russia in 2020 amounted to 85.5 billion rubles ($ 790 million).

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