Apple conference to reveal its latest products and the cheapest iPhone

Today’s News Portal presents the live broadcast of Apple’s annual event, today, Tuesday, via the Internet.

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And the leaks had confirmed that Apple intends to unveil during the event the iPhone, the cheapest ever, in addition to a number of other new products.

The cheaper version of the phone from Apple comes under the name iPhone SE 3 or “iPhone SE 3”, the first generation model of which was first launched in 2016, followed by the second generation model in 2020.

And if Apple announces the iPhone SE 3 as expected, we expect the phone to be available for pre-order on the same Friday – March 11, and Apple will likely start selling the phone in stores on Friday after that, on March 18.

Apple had announced that the eighth of this month is the date for holding a “Peek Performance” event, during which it is supposed to reveal its latest phones and electronic products.

The event is held via a live broadcast so that followers can watch it through the official website of the company and through Apple’s websites on social networks.

Many analysts believe that the colors of the apple that appeared in the promotional advertisement that Apple published for the event refer to the colors of the smart devices that the company will unveil.

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