Meet AdRabbit – an app with an intelligent AI.based algorithm that allows you to reach new customers in small and medium.sized businesses in three simple steps.

Especially for small and medium business owners who want to increase business, profits and reach the right customers with the most precision through the worlds of social networking, the AdRabbit app has emerged – a smart algorithm based on AI technology and allows in three simple steps to reach new customers in small and medium businesses.

The main challenge facing small and medium.sized businesses today is the lack of knowledge, time and professionalism on how to advertise on social networks and get relevant customers directly to the business website or business page.

For example: on the Facebook platform alone, there are more than 140 million small and medium.sized businesses. However, most of them fail to post on Facebook and about 80% leave in the first month. In fact, 95% of businesses do not use advertising and marketing while 5% advertise themselves.

Why is this happening? Because Facebook (like all major digital platforms) requires very specific capabilities and tools to control everything involved in advertising the business on its platform, capabilities that most small and medium.sized businesses do not have.

AdRabbit allows any small and medium.sized business to advertise on social networks, including Facebook, Google and Tic Tac, independently and professionally in just a few minutes!

How It Works?

1. Choose the topic we want to promote by AI.tailored business proposals – choose from the set of ads the most relevant ad for the purpose of promoting the business. (No need for a graphic designer or content writer).

2. Define a budget – Each business owner decides how much he is interested in allocating to his campaign and marketing. The AI ​​system will know how to select the right clientele and the recommended basic budget.

Leads and potential customers – the selected ad is activated, now the leads come directly to Whatsapp mobile, Facebook, emails. Every near is a potential customer.

In fact, AdRabbit’s technology allows you to see clicks, views, leads, and costs for each campaign that your business runs. AdRabbit will build the campaigns that will bring the best results and thus you can actually repeat the best campaigns. The app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

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