The function that everyone asked for years ago reaches the groups

The ability to create polls among groups is one of the new features that WhatsApp is due to introduce. It’s also one of the most popular on Telegram, one of its direct competitors in the race to be crowned the best comprehensive chat system.

The portal WaBetaInfo confirmed the new feature by showing a screenshot of the form for creating a new poll in a WhatsApp group.

The mechanics are quite basic. As with Telegram, the creator raises a question and offers several options, with the members of the group voting on which one they prefer.

Thus, the interested party will be able to question their connections about the best current issue, the greatest restaurant to eat pizza, or the best movie premiere to attend with a couple, and view the statistics with the various responses.

Questionnaires in WhatsApp groups

At this time, it is unclear how many possible response alternatives WhatsApp will allow users to add, as well as whether the ability to begin a survey would be restricted to group admins or available to all users.

The survey material, as well as the responses, will be encrypted, it has been established. This means that only members of your group will know how you voted for each individual, though the voting results may be shared with other conversations.

clever remark

Google’s intelligent recommendations for WhatsApp.

On WhatsApp, suggestions with speedy responses have begun to appear. Although these enhancements are not related to the famous program, but rather to a Google update.

Basically. Google is making WhatsApp more intuitive with a feature that uses the Gboard keyboard and the Android System Intelligence component.

This isn’t the first time Google has injected intelligent features into WhatsApp. Android had already included similar rapid responses to notifications a few generations back, but now it has taken it a step further and merged them into the keyboard.

When you open the keyboard to reply when chatting on WhatsApp, you will now receive suggestions for possible responses, always based on the context of the discussion, as was the case in advertisements for several years.

When you tap on a Smart Reply, it will be copied and pasted into the input area, allowing you to send a message or type something else. To avoid Smart Replies from being sent by accident, they are not sent automatically after entering.

When a recommendation is tapped for a long time, the Android system generates intelligent feedback, providing us easy access to the settings to deactivate the function.

Reactions are also on the way.

Another promise made by the WABetaInfo page is that the famous would be able to respond to communications using the instant messaging service in the near future. Other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, do the same thing.

The website is now sparse in its content, as they only recently discovered the function within the app code, despite the fact that it is still in its early stages of development.

WaBetaInfo only offers a screenshot of WhatsApp saying, “You have got a response.” To see reactions, upgrade your WhatsApp version,” the message reads, along with a link to the app’s update page.

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