Inspiring: The social project that integrates youth for the development of startups

The “Biotech: The Next Generation” program is an extraordinary social project, in which Israeli, Jewish and Arab youth, with and without disabilities, together develop startups that deal with the worlds of accessibility and biotech.

Elad Levy, a 12-year-old trainee in the program from Ashkelon, who is on the autistic continuum, says: “The project gives me the feeling that I have a talent for creating good ideas, and now I just want to realize that talent and create more and more ideas.”

Ido Goldwasser, 13, from the village of Rif, adds: “At every meeting of the project, I am exposed to creative ideas and other ways of thinking. I learn from both my work group members and the mentors who accompany us a lot, and I acquire new and important tools. ”

As part of the program, which is run by Unistream together with Teva and the Israel Accessibility Association, about 150 youths aged 12-18 from all over the country meet once a week to establish startups, from the concept stage to the model development stage. The boys acquire the knowledge and tools for success and integration in senior positions in the business and entrepreneurial world, with an emphasis on the worlds of medicine and accessibility, with the process accompanied by senior businessmen from various fields, Teva employees, Israel Accessibility volunteers and members of the Unistream business community.

“The program involves youth from a wide range of backgrounds, with the understanding that human diversity raises the level of creativity and productivity, and to provide equal opportunity, knowledge and skills from the new world of employment to a wide range of populations,” says Yifat Bechor, CEO of Unistream. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all youth, and the program takes this idea one step further. ”

Dr. Eran Harari is a senior vice president at Teva, a partner in the venture, and head of the company’s unique global R&D. Harari says: “We are excited to take part in this unique year in the unique program, which enriches and inspires the desire for innovation and entrepreneurship among promising young people, from a variety of populations and sectors. “It is of paramount social importance that we act as a society in all our markets around the world. As an Israeli scientist, I am proud to take part in a project that opens the eyes of our excellent youth to the worlds of biotech, pharma and start-ups, while promoting a more egalitarian, diverse and inclusive Israeli society.”

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