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Xiaomi has expanded its accessory ecosystem with a 20,000mAh external battery and support for fast charging technology of up to 50W, capable of charging ‘smartphones’, tablets and laptops.

Mi Power Bank Hypersonic is the name of Xiaomi’s new external battery, which has been presented in China and has been put on sale in India with a collective financing system, directly from the official website in this country.

The battery is powered by 50W fast charge to replace the mobile battery, although it limits it to 45W for charging laptops. It also has an intelligent charge management system that is adapted to charge other types of devices, such as smart watches.

The battery itself uses a 45W fast recharge system, with which fills up in just under four hours (if it has emptied completely). Inside are 16 capable chip protection lithium polymer cores, and it features technology that protects from overheating and short circuits.

It is an accessory of considerable dimensions (15.35 x 7.35 x 2.75 centimeters) with three ports (one USB type C) for charge up to three devices at the same time.

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