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The cloud storage service Google Drive will release a security update in September that will affect the links of the shared files, in such a way that some will require a resource key to be able to access them.

The update will take effect next September 13 and with it, it will be introduced a resource key in Drive files, for which the links will be changed to see some of them. This may result in the user receiving new requests for access to those files.

This means that with the update, the user will need a URL with a resource key to access the file, unless they have already viewed or accessed it before. The company specifies that if they do not have the URL with the key, they will have to request access to the file.

Google also points out that not all files will be affected, but only some. For example, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms are out of this change, as reported on the Support page.

The company allows you to check what they are from ‘My Unit’. This check, however, is only available for 30 days from the moment the user receives the update notification email.


When a user wants share a file from Google Drive, you are presented with two options: the first, share with people or groups from your email, and the second, get a link, with which any user who has a link can access the file.

The change announced by Google search reinforce the security of the link that is generated in this second option because, although only the user who has it can open it, in reality it is not as secure or private as the first option.

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