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The confinements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have put the global economic fabric to the limit and have changed the way the population consumes, highlighting the importance of the technology at the time of help companies sell their products and services-

In this context, the Walmeric company has developed Smart Workplace, a platform that makes it possible omnichannel and intelligent management, treatment and enrichment of all interactions between interested users and a company- In this way, it seeks to make commercial networks more efficient in the face of this new panorama-

Getting informed by Internet or by phone was already common among users, but the pandemic has made online purchases increased by 15 percent, while face-to-face formats were reduced or even closed, as is the case in some branches of banking entities-

As Walmeric argues, digitization “has become a necessity-” “The commercial agents of the offices, experts in dealing with the client face to face, now attend via telematics, without that approach to which they were accustomed “, they add from the company, that they see in this tool a solution to be able to continue selling products with a certain complexity, such as insurance, travel, training or automobiles, among others-


The company, specialized in ‘Lead to Revenue Management’, is committed to a “close and personalized” attention as the key to improving sales– “Smart Workplace is our proposal to help companies in the last mile of their business, so that they achieve the best results in the most efficient way,” says Antonio Fern├índez, CEO and co-founder of Walmeric-

Thanks to it, commercial agents can check the fingerprint of each user (origin, campaign, attraction element, last page or product of interest, among others), in addition to know your history or your previous contacts– Likewise, the platform offers the most suitable multimedia elements to personalize the service: locations, product sheets, video call option or screen sharing-

All this with the added capabilities provided by Artificial Intelligence to prioritize the treatment of each user and collect the closure and details of the conversation, learning from every interaction- “That is, thanks to technology, each commercial agent will be able to offer the best digitized attention to the interested user, according to their needs,” adds Fern├índez-


“Smart Workplace provides benefits to these commercial agents, while improves the efficiency of bank branches, dealers and commercial networks, since it puts at your disposal a platform that does not require installation and that offers the possibility of remote access or teleworking “, adds Walmeric through a press release-

Specifically, customer service will be improved allowing the agent to quickly and personalized service to the user, with the option of transfer the conversation to another computer or office- Also, these conversations will have visual support if required by the user, the worker being able to share audiovisual materials and even their screen, to guide the user step by step to make a contract-

Another point that the company highlights is the platform’s ‘end-to-end’ visibility, which allows chat with users in a single space, regardless of the contact channel chosen by the user (be it phone, chat, WhatsApp or FB Messenger, among others)-

“Smart Workpace elevates digital customer service by enabling bring commercial agents and users closer together, so that they can continue to provide the best service, in the closest and most personalized way, but with digital innovation at their disposal “, the company concludes-

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