Cyber ​​attack against Israel: Government sites damaged

All government sites were hit today (Monday) in a DDoS (denial of service) cyber attack. The damaged sites include the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Welfare and the Prime Minister’s Office. According to data from the Internet Association, there was an unusual increase in traffic to the Glory system, through Cellcom. The bandwidth of the attack is about 15 to 20 GB.

The Ministry of Communications stated: Minister of Communications Yoaz Handel is currently conducting an assessment of the situation with the emergency services in the Ministry of Communications, following a widespread cyber attack on government websites. Operations have been carried out by the communications companies in order to return the service as soon as possible, and the service is gradually returning. The firm will continue to monitor until full rehearsal.

Minutes after the incident began, a Revolutionary Guards telegram account took responsibility for the attack, citing its cyber unit.

The Revolutionary Guards take responsibility for the cyber attack on Israel (Photo: Telegram screenshot)

The issue is being addressed by the national cyber system, and in any case – security sites were not harmed during the attack. At the same time, in the defense system, situation-cutting discussions are taking place, in order to understand the scope of the incident and the damage. At the moment, the picture is still not completely clear, and no further damage is known other than government websites.

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