OPPO Find N: The folding device that surprised us

Folding devices appear to be the most significant change in the global cellular market in recent years, as they gradually transform from a difficult-to-achieve product – with a much higher price tag than premium models from various manufacturers – to one with a slightly more sane and accessible price tag. Samsung was the first to do so. Models from other businesses were also shown beside it, including Wawi, which is not available in Israel. Along with these devices, there are numerous rumours that Apple will follow suit in the next years and release its own folding device.

The Chinese business OPPO, which introduced its first folding gadget – theOPPO Find N – at the end of last year, is one of the companies that presently sells a folding device – as it is available in Israel. I’ve previously used the company’s gadgets, which are a worthy contender in the Android device market, and have been pleasantly delighted. As a result, I was overjoyed to get my hands on the intriguing device, even if only for a brief moment.

When closed, the device resembles a conventional smartphone, however it is slightly thicker than the devices we are used to seeing (which makes a lot of sense, since it is a foldable device). It has a 5.49-inch external screen that is simple to use with just one hand. A triangular photo set on the back of the device features a 50MP Sony IMX 766 sensor, a 16MP wide lens, a 13MP telephoto lens, and a selfie camera that can be used in both folding and open modes. These lenses produce excellent photo quality, albeit I was unable to test all of the device’s features due to time constraints (and there are quite a few).

Folding gadget from OPPO (Photo: PR)

When you open the fold, you’ll see an inside screen with a resolution of 7.1 inches, which is about half an inch smaller than the Samsung gadget. However, it feels (physically) more durable and stable than Samsung’s. Regardless of the physical variations, this device, like the Fold, cannot be controlled with just one hand when open. If you’re not used to using gadgets of this size, it may take some time to get used to it – time best spent exploring the various options that allow you to tailor the functionality to your own needs.

Another interesting feature of the device is that its nose almost fully overcame a key roadblock in the form of the folding axis. As previously said, it is difficult to overlook the device’s folding axis, which can be seen and felt in the center of the screen when using Samsung folding devices. So, while this is a critical component of the device that cannot be overlooked, and it may take some time before it is totally eradicated, the fact that its folds have succeeded to make the fold less obvious and noticeable – certainly gets them more points.

The device will be available in Israel later this year through OPPO’s official importer, Runlight.

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