Gil Schweid, CEO of Check Point Software Technologies, spoke today (Wednesday) with Maayan Hoffman at the Jerusalem Post Global Investment Forum (2021) and the Khalale Times (khaleej times)-

“The world is more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks and the fifth generation,” said Check Point CEO in his opening remarks- “This is a threat of cyber attacks sponsored by states or private attempts-”

“There is a huge increase in attacks,” Schweid added- “In the UAE there are more attacks on bank accounts- One in 10 companies in the UAE is a victim of such an attack-”

“We need a multi-layered approach to security- One of the problems is that the cyber virus is changing and one attack is different from another- One of the most notable challenges is that it is more difficult to identify who is behind the attacks-”

  • With this technology you will find that pain management should not hurt nor take time

Schweid explained that “the race for technologies that can detect the cyber virus is in full swing-” In this context, he further noted that “the Abrahamic Agreements, under which the United Arab Emirates and Israel normalized relations between them, increased the opportunities for cooperation against such attacks-”

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