Just before the holidays, or the closure that will leave us in homes, it is time to examine the market for cordless vacuum cleaners that has advanced significantly in recent years. This time, the dream cleaner of the dream company – the V12 – came to us for review, as it offers a particularly rich and powerful specification and is a replacement for those who want control over the cleaning over the vacuuming robots.

As mentioned, dream company focuses on advanced cleaning devices by leveraging advanced technologies and holds over 150 patents such as cyclone separation, single-eye machine vision, SLAM (localization and simultaneous mapping) and other various tools developed to give a comprehensive and comfortable cleaning experience.

In terms of design the V12 model has an impressive look with a luxurious metallic gray color, so even if you are in the segment of hanging it on the wall, or placing it in a room, it becomes a design item that completes the house instead of something to hide guests coming. The portable vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.67 kg, making it easy to carry and use in a car, office or campsite.

The company’s cordless vacuum cleaners have become one of the best selling brands in the market mainly due to their rich technical specifications including suction power of AW185, which is able to clean the corners of the house efficiently, based on the powerful power of the engine and upgrading air ducts, current and filtration system. The Dream Space 5.0 fast motor vacuum cleaner has a suction power of up to 27 amps and a collection tank with a capacity of 0.5 liters and a modern HEPA filter that filters dust particles efficiently and effectively.

The kit you receive includes quite a few items that will make your life easier. Of course it includes the vacuum cleaner body, charger and hanging and charging facility. Next to these there is a flexible hose, a tiny thumping brush, a narrow brush, a wide rounded brush, an integrated main brush for all types of tiles, an extension rod, a 90-degree angle connection, a narrow head equipped with LED lighting and an integrated main brush for all types of tiles.

The ability to connect a flexible adapter, bending and extending the pole in one action helps to easily reach many places such as the bottom of furniture sideboards and sideboards and the seating area in the living room. Next to these you will add a digital OLED display in the position of the vacuum grip that shows the pump status, battery and maintenance alerts such as filter replacement. Above the display is a lock button that maintains a constant pumping position so you do not have to hold the button. One of the pump heads also includes an LED bulb to help get to dark places so you can be sure you have cleaned everything.

Another important point is the device’s powerful battery, with a capacity of 3,000 milliamps that provides 90 minutes of continuous operation in ECO mode and a lower noise level when vacuuming.

The price of the V12 model is NIS 1,990, available at the chains: Electricity Warehouses, Shekem Electric, Big Electric, Lior Electrical Products, Net Electric, the world of cinema, Ivory and select stores, and on the company’s website.

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