Google prepares a new screen recorder for ChromeOS

Google is developing a new application for record the screen of computers with ChromeOS, which will incorporate live video functions and even the transcription of the recorded voice.

ChromeOS currently has an application to record the screen, but it is quite basic, since it only allows you to record the entire screen, a part of the screen or a window.

As Chrome Story has seen on the Chrome Canary channel, and has been picked up by XDA Developers, Google is working on something called ‘Projector’, an application for record the screen and the user himself live.

This app also will generate transcripts of what the microphones register during the recording, and will even allow save video to google drive to share it later.

At the moment, it is an application Developing which seems to be aimed at the educational sector, although there is no confirmation that it is exclusive to ChromeOS or that it can work on other systems.

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