This is how the Russia.Ukraine war is lived on TikTok

The war in Ukraine has become the first of the TikTok era, a social network in which the conflict is shown both through heartbreaking videos of attacks as tips for cooking in bomb shelters and bogus information about the Russian invasion.

Since the conflict began, millions of people have tuned in to the popular service for up-to-date news and points of view about what happens on the battlefield.

“Numerous people turned to digital creators to find out about the invasion of Ukraine,” said one from Gen-Z for Change, a nonprofit organization focused on social media usage.

In Marta Vasyuta’s account what now predominates are the images of soldiers and the ravages of war. Stuck in London, 20-year-old Ukrainian exchange student uses TikTok to share impressions of tragedy the inhabitants of their country of origin.

“My mission is to spread information, not to stop talking about it, because it really matters,” said this economics student from Lviv whose videos rack up millions of views.

Valeria Shashenok stayed in the city of Cherniguiv, northeast of kyiv, and switched to using the English language to broaden the reach of her often surreal TikTok posts about the war.

In one of his videos he shows how to cook borscht in a bomb shelter. In another, she walks through the rubble while listening to a remix of a Rihanna song.

The 20-year-old photographer is among those who have not given up the playful nature of the videos, considered a trademark of this social network that has more than a billion users.

“I try to keep it humorous, because it’s my nature,” said Rimma, a 23-year-old TikTok creator, who asked that her middle name not be revealed. “I am living this trauma, my life is ruined and I have nothing left but irony.”

It also highlights that the line between fun and pain has blurred given the suffering and fear that afflict so many.

War times

Young people use TikTok to get informed. AFP photo

But the appetite for wartime TikTok content seems growing when you consider how subscribers to Vasyuta’s and Shashenok’s accounts are increasing.

If TikTok has been characterized by something, it is by himto spontaneity and the impudence of its usersmostly young.

In the United States, where members of “Generation Z” born in the late 1990s eschew traditional television, online platforms like TikTok They are the main sources of news.

TikTok told AFP that it has increased resources to detect and counter “emerging threats” and “harmful misinformation” on the platform.

On March 6, the China-based subsidiary of ByteDance suspended video uploads in Russia in reaction to a new law that makes it a crime to “discredit” the Russian military.

The flow of pro-Russian messages has noticeably decreased on TikTok, where the most popular Russian account is that of the state-backed news agency RIA Novosti, known for false or discredited claims.

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