The world’s first 4 – seater flying taxi revealed

A Slovak engineering company has unveiled the world’s first four-seater flying taxi, and the “AM NEXT” model from AeroMobil is scheduled to be launched by 2027.

The company hopes that the car, its air transportation service for travelers, will save time when traveling, distances ranging from 100 to 500 miles between major cities.

The company said, that passengers will be able to enjoy the comfort of the single seat from the door to the door, work, or even play, or just enjoy the view from the air while flying. imposed on passengers.

The AM NEXT flying car is a follow-up to the AeroMobil 4.0 flying car, which was first revealed at the Paris International Air Show held at Paris Le Bourget Airport, in June 2017, and was designed as a two-seater luxury personal vehicle that can fly at a top speed of 223 miles. per hour (360 km/h), and its top road speed is 99 mph (160 km/h).

Besides the hefty price tag – between €1.2m and €1.5m ($1.3m-$1.6m) – owners also need a pilot’s license for use in the air.

“We are excited to announce AeroMobil’s second revolutionary true flying car,” said Patrick Hessel, CEO of AeroMobil. “Following the AM4.0, the world’s first production flying car, AM NEXT will disrupt and democratize the regional travel market.”

“This will provide a better, and in many cases not available before, solution for trips in the 100-500 mile range,” he added.

AeroMobil said the total car booking service market is estimated at $70 billion (£53 billion) a year in North America alone.

With its flying cars, the company aims to make personal transportation more efficient by offering the option of transportation on the road or in the sky – and putting an end to traffic jams for good.

Heysel added: “AeroMobil will benefit from AM4.0’s proof of concept engineering and regulation, and its premium branding, in AM NEXT’s express air service.

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