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The United States Army has carried out the third tests of what they call ‘Global information domain experiment’ (Global Information Dominance Experiment, GIDE, in English), a set of cutting.edge technologies with which to acquire predictive ability to get ahead of the enemy’s movements.

GIDE employs artificial intelligence, cloud computing, sensors (both military and civil from all over the world) and information available from satellites, radars and underwater capabilities. With the testing that they have carried out for more than a year, the system has allowed them to acquire the ability to “see days in advance” in order to react.

The technology they use for this system is not new, as they have explained at a press conference, but they have approached it not as a military problem, but as a data and software problem, To make it all fit In other words, it is “a software.based capability that uses technology that is available today,” as General VanHerck has pointed out.

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence can detect change [en una situaci√≥n espec√≠fica] and we can establish parameters in which it will give an alert to become aware and go to check another sensor such as the satellite capacity of GEOINT to observe more closely what could be happening in a specific place “, has detailed VanHerck.

The General has also indicated that GIDE “embodies a fundamental change “in the way they use information and the data to increase decision space. They hope that with this system they will get military opportunities.

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