Governor of the province of Lazio in Italy, Nicola Zingerti, Said today (Monday) that the cyber attack against the county’s medical databases is a “terrorist attack”, with hackers reportedly demanding a huge ransom in bitcoin currencies. The attack, which has been described as the most serious in the history of the province that includes the capital Rome, began yesterday when hackers, who are suspected of operating from abroad, took over the medical databases, including the computer system that manages the appointments for corona vaccines, using malware.

“The attacks are still ongoing and the situation is very serious,” admitted Zingerti, who revealed that another attempted attack was thwarted tonight. “We are currently defending our community from these terrorist attacks. Lazio is the victim of a criminal attack, the most severe in the history of our region.“

According to Zingerti, the hackers did not touch on information concerning the district budget or civil defense, but they blocked almost all the files of the medical database. However, the Italian news agency ANSA cited security sources who claimed that the hackers would not be able to gain access to the medical history of millions of citizens and they would also not be able to pass the information on to other parties.

The hackers report that the hackers are demanding a ransom of thousands or millions of bitcoin coins in exchange for ending the attack. The cyber unit of the Italian police, together with the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Rome, are conducting the investigation.

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