Ever Lab, which recently opened in the Towers of Hills in Herzliya, has brought to Israel the wellness trend known as Biohacking and enables it to improve physical and mental performance through science and technologies developed for astronauts and super.athletes.

The laboratory has special devices and developments such as a three.minute stay at an extreme temperature of minus 85 degrees; Infrared waves sauna; Sleep monitoring technology; Resistance device in adaptive technology for building muscle and bone; The shortest cardiovascular training in the world, and other high.tech technologies that came to Israel for the first time. Laboratory technologies based on research and science have been developed for end groups: top athletes in the NBA and NFL leagues and NASA astronauts.

“Just as we understand how a computer works and can make it work better, so we understand the biology of our body. We can make it work better for us,” explains Sigal Shiloni, who co.founded the place with Limor Shiloni. “Technology can help advance health goals, and bring the body into a state of optimization by enabling us to monitor and understand processes in the body.

“One of the most important parameters in health is the issue of sleep. At night the body gathers its abilities and the cellular energy it produces and knows how to repair itself, but most of us do not sleep well and one of the things developed and used today is a sleep monitoring ring,” she adds.

“Our body produces wear and tear from the second we are born, and from the age of 25 begins a significant decrease in hormones responsible for the functioning of the system. The space we create helps the body produce more energy and optimize health. Man has dormant, surviving genes. “Science has discovered that when you take the body out of the comfort zone, it knows how to activate the dormant genes, and that space does this through technology.“

The Ever lab consists of three laboratories: a laboratory for cognitive training, a laboratory for recovery and regeneration and a laboratory for physical training. The cognitive lab combines a series of body and brain training to upgrade mental, cognitive abilities, in terms of concentration, memory, reaction speed and information processing. The lab helps achieve better sleep, supplement sleep deprivation, soothe stress levels and manage moods successfully.

The second lab is a regeneration lab. The research knowledge and science.based technologies are designed to help the body restart its natural restoration processes. The lab allows for regeneration at the cellular level and better coping with physical and mental burnout and cumulative wear and tear, which according to the study may expose the body to an increased risk of illness. The third lab is Physio Lab, which trains for peak performance in the shortest amount of time.

The lab offers science.based personal training and measurement technologies, which allow for close monitoring of progress and help break through the boundaries of biology. The training is customized according to the analysis of indices and lifestyle in accordance with defined goals through the professional team accompanied by Prof. Yuval Khaled, the former Chief Physiologist of the IDF.

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