Step by step, what to do if you get scammed in Mercado Libre and in what cases you can get your money back

The platform of the Argentine unicorn of electronic commerce, Free market, is used daily by millions of users from Argentina and the rest of Latin America. At the same time, cyber criminals seek to take advantage of their popularity to find vulnerabilities within its structure, mainly in the relationship that is generated between buyers and sellers.

Although the percentage of operations that have some type of problem is “minimal”, the company assures, that does not mean that Mercado Libre does not allocate resources to strengthen the area of Fraud and Computer Security.

This sector uses different artificial intelligence tools to reduce inconveniences and, at the same time, offers solutions so that those who have a bad experience can solve it as quickly as possible.

Thus, the Argentine e-commerce giant developed a series of advice and recommendations to further reduce the scope for fraud involving buyers and sellers with products within its platform.

Check seller reputation

Although it can be cumbersome, read the comments facts in the publication before buying to know more about the quality and attention of the seller is a key item.

Do not exchange personal or contact data

Cybercriminals often use the question/answer section on the product page to contact them outside the platform and then execute the fraud.

For this reason, cases were known of users who, through the description of the product, managed to access the advertiser’s telephone number, since this interspersed letters with numbers to be able to close the operation outside the platform by making the payment in an Easy Payment.

Mercado Libre warns that all purchases must be made through the official Mercado Pago platform. Mercado Libre warns that all purchases must be made through the official Mercado Pago platform.

Once the purchase is complete, as expected, the seller did not show his face, much less delivered the product.

From the eCommerce platform they warn that payments must be made through the official Mercado Pago platformso account, credit or debit card data should never be shared through other channels.

Do not accept outside transactions

To guarantee the security of the purchase, Mercado Libre has a program of Protected Purchase that ensures the return of the money in case of not receiving the item or receiving a different one than the one advertised. Therefore, it is recommended not to make informal purchases with the seller outside the platform.

Use Mercado Envios whenever you can

In the event that the delivery is coordinated directly with the seller, it is necessary to make sure they sign the Mercado Libre receipt, and in case of noticing any irregularity, make the claim immediately on the platform. This will serve to avoid promises of bank transfers or using the option of “not having received the product”.

In which cases Mercado Libre can return the money

A Mercado Libre distribution center. A Mercado Libre distribution center.

The platform created by Marcos Galperin in 1999 boasts a program that ensures money back in case of any contingency at the time of receiving your purchase. Under the name of “Protected Purchase”the purchase money promises to be safe in all the instances that it takes to acquire a certain product.

For example, if a user does not receive what they bought, Mercado Libre guarantees 28 days of coverage from the moment the user made the purchase.

Instead, if you regret or receive a different productincomplete or defective, has 30 calendar days from delivery to request a refund.

This program covers all those buyers who have not received the purchased item, received a different one from the one advertised, with a defect or require the express return of the same.

A Mercado Libre user has up to 30 days after making a purchase to request a refund. A Mercado Libre user has up to 30 days after making a purchase to request a refund.

The estimated time of return of money depends on the payment method that has been used. In general, MercadoLibre ensures that the refund is made to the same payment method that was used to make the purchase. You can also offer to do the return in Mercado Pago instead of the original means of payment so that the user can receive the money immediately.

If it was paid with Mercado Pago, cash, transfer or deposit, the money is immediately returned to the Mercado Pago account. If the purchase was made with a credit or debit card and the money is received in Mercado Pago, it is also immediate.

Now, if the purchase was made with debit or credit and the money is received in this account, it can be take 2-35 daysaccording to each banking entity.

Mercado Libre: how to start a claim

To request a refund of the purchase money, they clarify from Mercado Libre, users must initiate a claim through the platform that can be extended up to 48 hours as a maximum resolution period. This applies to both payments in one or more installments.

Once the claim has been initiated, or the return has been requested, the electronic commerce platform will analyze whether the buyer meets the requirements framed in the Protected Purchase Terms and Conditions.

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