how to hide the “typing…” message so no one knows you’re online

WhatsApp users who seek to go unnoticed on the platform today are unable to do so, since there is not yet a specific tool to become “invisible”. In particular, when seeking to hide activity by preventing one or more contacts from seeing whether or not they write a message.

When using WhatsApp, sometimes it may be interesting that the interlocutor does not see that we are writing a message in a chat or responding to one that has already been sent. In the same way, it can generate anxiety to observe the message of “writing…” in a conversation and that the answer takes time to arrive.

To avoid all this there is a trick that can be used thanks to various functionalities of the cell phone.

For this message to be displayed, it will always be necessary for the phone to have an Internet connection, so when you disable the connection, both this option and the “online” message will disappear.

WhatsApp: how to hide the “typing…” message with Airplane Mode

The trick that allows you to hide the “is writing…” legend in WhatsApp.

Access WhatsApp and enter the chat where you want to write.

active “Airplane mode” on mobile. To do this, in some models it would be enough to press the power off button for a long time so that the option appears, or access “Settings” and within the “Connections” section enable this mode.

Then you will have to return to WhatsApp, write and send the message you want to send.

Finally, you must exit the messaging application and, obviously, deactivate “Airplane mode”.

It should be remembered that when activating airplane mode on Android all wireless connections are disconnected Of the device. That is, you cannot make calls, send messages, navigate, or use GPS, etc. When activated, the phone is completely isolated from all wireless communication.

WhatsApp: how to hide the “writing…” message by disconnecting the internet

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service. Photo: Shutterstock WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service. Photo: Shutterstock

As with the previous resource, you have to access WhatsApp and enter the chat in which you want to send a message.

In principle, the Internet connection on the mobile phone must be deactivated. It can be done by following the path “Settings”, “Connections” and “Mobile networks”, although most have it defined in a drop-down shortcut from the main screen.

In the next step, return to WhatsApp to write and send the message.

After leaving the application, it only remains to activate the Internet connection.

When making this setting, make sure that the phone has access to the Internet through the operator’s mobile network -Personal, Movistar or Claro- and not through Wi-Fi, since if so, the message “writing…” will continue to be visible to through said network (you will not be disconnected from the Internet).

WhatsApp was initially conceived as an alternative to SMS messages, but today it has expanded its functionality, allowing both the sending of text messages, as well as images, audio, documents, and sharing of location statically or in real time.

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