International Water Day: An app that will help us all identify the next leak

In preparation for the excellent International Water Day today (Tuesday), the Arad Group is launching a unique application – Read Your Meter, which will help water consumers easily track home water consumption and receive alerts about excessive water consumption or leaks. This is a free application for smart water consumption that allows the consumer to check the reading of the water meter at any given moment. The app alerts you to an abnormal leak or water consumption in real time, even if it is a very small leak.

Another use of the app is during a vacation or a long stay away from home, where the consumer can follow what is happening in the home plumbing, so that if a leak is received, he can deal with the fault immediately. The app also allows monitoring and comparison of the consumer’s water consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

In addition, the Arad Group published a report that reveals the water consumption data of the public in Israel for the year 2021. The report shows that the estimated time for repairing a leak in a private home is 45 days from the start of the leak until the actual leak repair. Most consumers who use the water-saving app fix the leak in three days or less.

In 2021, over 735,000 messages were sent from the Arad Group’s remote reading system to water consumers regarding a liquidity alert – alerts that resulted in savings of about NIS 50 million for consumers.

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