Realme MagDart 50W Magnetic Wireless Charging fully charges a 4500mAh battery in 54 minutes

Realme has presented its system of MagDart magnetic wireless charging together with the realme Flash ‘smartphone’, specifically designed to take advantage of this charging system, capable of fully charging a 4,500mAh battery in 54 minutes.

MagDart representative the next generation of wireless fast charging solutions, and it is also the first mannetic type designed for Android devices. Realme claims it is faster than the Apple.designed MagSafe solution for iPhone 12.

The company has shared during the MagDart presentation event that it is “the secret” that has taken them the longest to develop– And to take advantage of its power, it has been accompanied by the realme Flash ‘smartphone’, designed specifically for MagDart charging, which works with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and integrates a 4,500mAh battery.

This ‘smartphone’ has a series of 0.3mm magnets on the back that allow a “perfect alignment” with the MagDart charger– Specifically, the charger offers a magnetic wireless charging of up to 50W, the same that supports the mobile.

The MagDart charger features boron and cobalt magnets to keep power at maximum level with a 0.01 percent decrease in magnetism after two years of use. The magnetic force of this system is 5 Newtons, which allows it to hold objects weighing up to 0.5 kilograms, as the company has assured.

Loading speed reaches 50W– To do this, MagDart integrates a large cobalt coil that reduces the impedance and consequently the electromagnetic induction generates less heat during the charging process.

The 50W MagDart Charger (50W MagDart Charger) employs a active cooling system to keep the temperature low during the charging process. It also has a fan to disperse heat

He has really assured me that realme Flash 4,500mAh battery charges to 20 percent in five minutes with the MagDart 50W wireless charger and system. It takes just 54 minutes to fully charge it from scratch. Times similar to those experienced with the SuperDart 50W charger, also from realme.

The company claims that it is the fastest magnetic charger in the world. It has also been designed to allow the use of the phone while charging, for example, with video games, where cables tend to be annoying.


The company has also designed a smaller charger (3.9mm thick) MagDart of 15W, which has actually compared me to MagSafe, the magnetic wireless charging solution designed by Apple. The latter takes four hours to fully charge an iPhone 12 with a 2,775mAh battery, while MagDart 15W It takes 90 minutes to charge the 4,500mAh battery.

This charging speed offered by MagDart 15W is due to the separate plate and coil design, which are located one at the end of the connector and the other at the end of the pad. This design also keeps the two heat sources separate, reducing overheating.

Realme has also developed a MagDart external battery (MagDart Power Bank) with which you can charge your ‘smartphone’ anywhere. This accessory clips onto the back of the realme Flash and it will automatically start charging your battery.

This external battery is complemented with a vertical charging base designed specifically for this accessory, which allows it to be recharged while it is hooked on the mobile, in such a way that the two devices are recharged at the same time.

The MagDart system also expands the ecosystem of realme accessories, which take advantage of magnetic adjustment and wireless charging, such as a portrait light (MagDart Beauty Light) that offers more uniform lighting than flash– This element has 60 LEDs and a button for adjusting the color temperature and brightness.

Too a wallet (MagDart Wallet) made of aluminum alloy with capacity for three cards, It has a leg to serve as a support for the mobile phone during video calls or while watching a movie or series.

And one hulk for real GT (MagDart Case), which allows this ‘smartphone’ to have support for magnetic wireless charging through a USB type C cable.

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