Google Home app centralizes privacy controls

The Google Home app, which lets you set up and control Google Nest or Google Home speakers and displays, as well as dispositivos Chromecast has implemented a new section that centralizes the privacy configuration options of the teams.

As 9to5Google has warned in version of the Google Home application, the company has launched a tool so that users can know the status of their privacy from the ‘Settings’ menu.

Once you have accessed this section, which now presents the ‘Privacy’ button a series of controls are displayed that encompass different settings related to home privacy, such as the management of WiFi networks or passwords.

Other options included in this centralized privacy configuration section are presence control at home, the consultation of the activity in the home or the data recorded by the Google Assistant.

In this section there are also instructions dedicated to the control of the activity of the Assistant, the control of privacy with the guest mode or a guide to Google Nest sensors.

Google Home allows you to control all the smart devices in your home from a single application and is capable of turning the lights on or off, calling to all linked devices to Google Duo or manipulate the thermostat.

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