a single touch and without leaving the web

Google has unified its identity solutions offering for third.party services under the name of ‘Google Identity Services’, which includes from the button to log in with Google to the new function ‘One tap’.

‘One tap’ It is a login .or registration. message with which users can access their account in a digital service without being redirected off the web where they are, as the company explains on its developer blog.

The window with the login message with ‘One tap’ will appear in the upper right part of the web, while if the user is using a mobile phone, this message will slide from the bottom.

‘One tap’ also allows you to start the session with one touch, without having to remember the site password, speeding up this process.

This novelty is accompanied by a improved login button, which now displays custom user details, and improves consistency between the user interface and web experience.

The company indicates that ‘Google Identity Services’ products also protect against abuse and fraud, against “vulnerabilities such as clicking, pixel tracking and other threats.” They also mitigate duplicate and fraudulent accounts.

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