The new Instagram features that will make your feed look different

Instagram announced a number of platform upgrades today (Wednesday), which are expected to delight users who have been waiting for this for a long time. New ways to organize the feed in chronological order may be found among the features, giving users more control over the content they see on the platform.

Follow-up view (Following) is the first option, which allows anyone to see postings from all of the accounts they follow in chronological order. Read Favorites is the second option, which allows users to pick up to 50 accounts and view their content at the top of the stream in chronological order. The other choice is to use Instagram’s current feed, which has been given the name Home. It will also remain the platform’s default.

Instagram’s newest feature (Photo: screenshot)

To use the new feed views, go to the top corner of the screen and click the Instagram logo, then select the desired choice. Changes to the favorites list can be made at any moment, and no one will know whether it is added to or removed from other people’s lists. Preferred account content will also be prioritized in the chronological follow-up feed and the home feed.

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