Instagram allows you to see the latest posts from your favorite accounts in the ‘feed’

Two new ways to view content in the Instagram feed – META/INSTAGRAM

Instagram ha modified the ‘feed’ so that users have more options about the content they see on the platform, either from their favorite accounts or from those they follow, although in both cases they will be displayed in chronological order.

Instagram users use the platform to catch up with content shared by your friends and family but also for discover new creators through suggested posts.

Precisely because the experience varies from person to person, the company has announced a change in the ‘feed’, where two new ways of seeing the latest content have been incorporated: ‘Favorites’ and ‘Followed’.

‘Favorites’ allows the user to add to a list up to 50 specific accounts, friends or favorite creators, whose posts will appear at the top of the ‘feed’. They can be distinguished because they will be accompanied by the star icon.

This list of favorites is personal, that is, the user can modify it at any time and those who are added or removed will not receive any notification.

On the other hand, there is also the option of ‘followed‘, which displays posts from people the user follows in the order they are shared.

From Instagram they have explained to Europa Press that both ‘Favorites’ and ‘Followed’ Show posts in chronological order. They have also ensured that the home page will continue to display a mix of content from accounts that are followed, as well as suggested posts.

This change, although implemented this Wednesday, will complete its arrival to users in the coming days.

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