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Xiaomi has marked on the calendar the august 10th like the day when he will present his new Mi Mix 4 device, but also when the founder of the brand will share the dreams and challenges that have guided them in their first ten years of life.

A poster shared on Xiaomi’s profile on Weibo reports the arrival of Mi Mix 4 on August 10, without providing further details, although with a reference to the “original dream.” The image shows the name of the terminal in letters, which floats over a beach at what appears to be dusk or dawn.

In a separate publication, the company has celebrated the entry of the Chinese brand into the Fortune 500 list, and mobile sales globally, with which it has surpassed Apple. Also, you are about to turn ten years old, and on the occasion of this anniversary the founder, Lei Jun, will also share on August 10 the “ten hardest decisions” that you have had to adopt in this time, along with “Dreams“that have guided them to the present day.

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