Tornado Group has for the first time started marketing the luxury air conditioners of the Mitsubishi Heavy brand from the Japanese Industrial Corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which combines advanced technologies for environmental protection.

“We chose Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioners because of the variety of advanced air conditioning solutions they present,” explained Ronen and Oded Bezazi, owners of the Tornado Group. “We had several advantages when we decided to integrate the new brand into the Tornado Group. The first is the significant contribution to the professionalism, quality, service and reliability values ​​on which the group is based, the second is the opportunity to reach new audiences from high socioeconomic status, and the third is the great potential inherent in the Mitsubishi Heavy brand. That will advance us to the goal we set for ourselves – to reach a sales turnover of one billion shekels in the next five years. “

Thanks to Mitsubishi Heavy’s advanced technology, its products are energy efficient and contribute to the preservation of the environment, and in addition they allow precise control of the temperature and humidity level and ensure quiet and pleasant operation.

Now that the Tornado Group is starting to market the Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioners, it will try to expand the brand’s target audiences and make it accessible to private consumers, developers, contractors, engineers, architects, supervisors and designers.

Mitsubishi Heavy’s VRF systems are particularly suitable for the urbanization and construction trend for apartment and office towers (water-cooled systems in towers) and have a variety of smart control and monitoring measures. Mitsubishi Heavy’s mini-central air conditioners with energy-efficient inverter technology, with DC motors for quiet operation and a variety of outputs for home and commercial applications. The flagship series of Mitsubishi Heavy in surface air conditioners is called ZSK, and it has a modern and advanced design and jet technology for remote air distribution and a particularly quiet operation of 19 decibels. All air conditioners have the option of a motion sensor that detects movement in space and adjusts the temperature.

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