The app that detects Covid with the sound of coughing does so with a sensitivity of 92%

ResApp has announced that its application that detects the Covid with an algorithm that reacts to the sound of coughing, it does so with a sensitivity of 92 percent, thus exceeding that of the antigen test.

According to the company, the combination of 92 percent sensitivity and 80 percent specificity that its ‘app’ offers thanks to ‘machine learning’ allows eight out of 10 patients to be correctly diagnosed with Covid just by listening to the sound of their cough.

The mobile ‘app’ has been tested in a clinical trial carried out among 741 patients from the United States and India, of which 446 were positive in Covid-19as announced by the company itself this Tuesday through a statement.

From ResApp they assure that they are already waiting to obtain green light from regulatory bodies around the world to, immediately afterwards, look for a partner within the technological or health sector that allows them to accelerate their commercialization.

The group’s roadmap now goes through implementing the use of this ‘app’ that diagnoses Covid based on cough in sectors that especially usually require this type of detection tests, such as health, business, education and sports, among others. others.

ResApp assures that in this way they seek to “significantly reduce the number of antigen tests and PCR tests, improving availability, reducing costs and environmental impact.” In addition, in its statement it adds that this type of apps improve security using biometric identification parameters, “like facial recognition.”

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