Cisco brings Meetings real.time captions to Webex Events

Cisco has announced new Webex features to optimize hybrid interactions in today’s workplace ecosystem, including features like real-time captions in Webex Events and a partnership with Ford for the mobile office.

Starting now, Webex Events will incorporate real-time captions and transcripts from English to 34 languages, expanding with the same technology used in Webex Meetings.

This has been announced by the company itself in a statement sent to Europa Press. In this, Cisco has presented, among others, the new functions for exceptional hybrid events. From this moment, Webex Events will partner with CLEAR to help event planners manage health protocols easily and effectively by providing proof of vaccines or attendee test results.

To Empower Flexible Workstyles, The Company Highlights New Capabilities Of Vidcast, Webex’s Asynchronous Video Messaging Solution, That Allows Remote Workers To Import A Recorded Demo Into Webex, Edit It, And Share It As A Vidcast For Ease Of Consumption asynchronous.

The portfolio of applications integrated with Webex is also expanded, now including InVision for visual whiteboards, Notion’s all-in-one wiki, notes and project management solution; and Standout by ADP , an ‘engagement’ solution to create team connections.

Regarding the ‘reinvented’ workspaces, the group highlights its alliance with Ford to extend Webex Meetings to vehicles, with the concept of the mobile office, in addition to the possibility that users can, from now on , easily launch and use apps like Miro, MURAL, Shared Timer, and Slido on your Webex Desk and Webex Board Series devices, as well as phones and tablets.

Cisco also includes support for Webex devices with Zoom, Microsoft, and Google here, offering seamless communication. regardless of device or platform.

Additionally, Webex Go (available March 31) allows users to add Webex Calling features such as a dedicated business line to a personal mobile phone to make calls from the cloud.

Executive Vice President and General Manager of Collaboration and Security at Cisco, Jeetu Patel, has recognized that “we are in one of the biggest changes in the way of working in decades” and, in this sense, companies “must align themselves with the wishes and values ​​of workers, including how, where and when to work”.


Cisco ends its statement by referring to Webex Connect, the business communications platform as a service (CPaaS) with which companies can orchestrate those connections to deliver personalized experiences across all digital channels.

Going forward, Webex Connect will also integrate with Webex Contact Center to power new channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger y SMS.

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