CNN reported overnight (Thursday-Friday) that hackers hacked into the servers of Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest video game makers, and stole no less than 780GB of information, some of it sensitive. The company, which is responsible for some of the popular games including FIFA, Battlefield and other world-leading titles, has confirmed the report.

Independent security experts scoured various online forums, told CNN the hackers who managed to infiltrate the servers claim that they managed to get their hands on the source code of the Frostbite graphics engine – which is found in FIFA, Madden and other games developed by the company. They obtained, among other things, the source code in question, giving them “full capacity to utilize all of EA’s services.”

Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčexpert Brett Kahlo explained to CNN that “losing control of the code – could be a real business problem for EA”. He added: “Theoretically, other developers could copy the source code, or use it to create game hacks.”

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A spokesman for the company confirmed the report and told CNN: “We are currently investigating a recent hacking incident, during which a limited amount of source code for the game and related tools was stolen. . According to him, following the incident, the company made security improvements. “We do not anticipate any impact on our games or our business,” he stressed, “the company is actively working with law enforcement and various experts, as part of this ongoing criminal investigation.”

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