Guy Sheetrit (37), a computer genius, former hacker and current SEO and cyber expert, who has cracked several practices in Google’s algorithms, agreed to dive with him into the depths of the field and reveal to us the ins and outs of his work and learn how to use Google for business marketing.

Be one step ahead of Google
SEO is a business that changes skin every day. Since the Internet works on an ongoing basis, and Google in particular renews its server core very often, many times marketing strategies that work at a given moment may not be relevant the next day.

“The secret to understanding Google’s algorithms is not necessarily trying to stay up to date on the new rules,” explains Guy Sheetrit, CEO of Over the Top SEO, or OTT for short, one of the world’s leading global digital marketing companies. A professional digital knows that Google is trying to think like a human being.

“The whole operating system of the site, is based on the attempt to resemble human thought, and as real human beings, we have an advantage over Google so the idea is always to think one step ahead of the search engine, play with Google chess.mat.“

Focus on good, high.quality human content
The digital promotion and marketing market is flooded with techniques and methods that try to be a worthy strategy for business promotion. Many hackers have tried to promote websites in the techniques of filling in keywords and distributing backlinks, but in the end – the quality and not the quantity, is what determines and determines the long.term marketing strategy.

“Google’s developers are also computer geniuses, and they find all the loopholes that hackers try to open, and close them,” explains Guy Sheetrit, who was himself a hacker and hacked into the most advanced security systems, but now moved to the other side of the bar and became a high.level cyber security guard. High.

‘Trying to move forward and try to bend the rules of the game is not profitable in the long run. “The best way to get good results and lead in search engines is to produce simple, yet valuable content for your business.“

If so, what is quality content?
What makes content simple and inaccessible to quality and available, is not just choosing the right vocabulary. Quality content, one of Google’s top priorities, contains video ratings, user reviews, and relevant, accurate text.

“Blogs should contain writing that solves a specific problem,” explains Guy Sheetrit, who is considered one of the leading authorities in the world, by Forbes magazine, which is famous in the world of digital marketing in particular. Convenience and brevity, whether in an overall user experience that is pleasing to the eye and the experience of browsing the site. “

A quality user experience should come towards the user and present a clear and user.friendly layout and design. Google knows how to distinguish sites that contain such content, so in order to be at the top of the search engine results, it is important to invest in quality content that will produce a professional and knowledgeable creative man or woman.

Guy Sheetrit – SEO expert (Photo: Cyber ​​Al)

Hidden changes in Google
Whether you are from the world of digital marketing and SEO, or you are a private user, you must have noticed the significant change that has taken place in Google searches – a search engine results page laden with ads and advertisements first and foremost. In many searches, an answer box also appears which contains a piece of content designed to give a direct answer to the user’s question.

“All the new data that Google has added to the results of its search page, and especially the sponsored ads, takes up a lot of space,” explains Guy Sheetrit, whose marketing and cracking of Google’s practices are his field of expertise and he writes on blogs and articles worldwide, On the results page, it is a very expensive real estate asset. Many times there is room left for only the top organic result, and all the other results are already on the second page. Therefore, when planning an SEO strategy, it is very important not to compromise on the first ranking in the organic links. Adjust marketing to Google’s preferences, and appear first. ‘

Be the exact answer of the user
Ultimately, Google’s goal goes hand in hand with business owners’ goals – and that is to answer the user’s search question. As mentioned, quality and coherent content, along with an understanding of the layout of the search engine results page, will help you overcome a long way towards the connection between your business and the potential customers who are looking for you. “One of the goals that should be in front of the eyes of your digital marketers is to understand your customers’ search engine and be the target for them,” explains Guy Sheetrit, whose decisions as CEO of OTT and led him to the first places in the global rankings. But also in the business world as a highly regarded CEO,

“The answer box for questions, called in professional parlance PAA, can be an asset if you know how to use it correctly and lead the user directly to your business. This algorithm has the ability to complete an infinite number of related questions so it is possible to route the user’s keywords in the way we want. Although the use of this function is not easy to say the least, so if business marketing is important to you, invest in a proper professional in the field. ” Few are the experts who really understand how PAA boxes work, and most are unanimous about it, because there are so many variables in the content.

Be the answer to the customer’s question
An interesting fact is that Google itself does not consistently maintain the function of PAA boxes. Fact is, it can be seen when the same search, yields completely different PAA results on different days, while some searches remain constant over several days.

“Right now, the best way to use a PAA box is to create new queries that will help you rank your business,” said Guy Sheetrit, whose SEO knowledge is invaluable, and not for nothing distributed on famous sites around the world. Put on your customers’ shoes and think one step ahead in their quest. What will be their next search question? What questions might be important to them and that my business could answer even in part? Imitating your customers’ journey can serve you well as a marketing tool – when your business is the answer to their question. “

Bottom line – invest in experts in the field
When it comes to business promotion, Google puts a glass ceiling on its internal operations, so building an effective and successful marketing strategy can become a problematic business if as a business owner, you do not have the help of knowledgeable SEOs.

We brought in Guy Sheetrit, one of the world’s leading experts in the field of SEO that is definitely worth following and understanding how to build your marketing plan for your business in the most effective way that will not only promote your business to 15 minutes of fame, but keep it high in Google search rankings and ads. The public, for a very long time.

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