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Google has presented the new generation of Nest cameras and video doorphones for the home, with new models with battery and the capacity to detect the most important events to send the most relevant notifications.

The Nest device portfolio has been expanded with Nest Cam (battery powered), Google’s first indoor and outdoor battery-powered camera ($ 199.99); Nest Doorbell (with battery), its first battery-powered video intercom at (199.99 euros); and the second generation Google Nest Cam, the wired indoor camera with a more affordable price (99.99 euros).

Google has highlighted that Nest Cam (with battery) and Nest Doorbell (with battery) are the first Nest-brand security devices that are battery-powered and they adapt to any home as they do not need a power outlet or the cable of an intercom. They will be available from August 24.


The new devices are capable of identify important events that occur inside the house and in its surroundings, because the processing of “what the new cameras and the video intercom see” is processed in the device itself.

This process supposes, as the company has indicated in a communiqué, a “double” benefit: on the one hand, notifications are more relevant and, on the other, improves privacy and security.

In addition, in the event of a power failure or WiFi connection, both Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam (with battery) have a local backup storage that allows them to record locally up to an hour of events, which is approximately one week of notifications.

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