Every business owner today understands that a significant part of the secret of success is the web presence. One of the most important investments as a business owner, is an orderly and effective SEO strategy, which supports the marketing goals of the business.

With the help of Guy Sheetrit, SEO expert, former hacker and CEO of OTT, an SEO company ranked as one of the top three companies in the world in the field of SEO, we have collected for you the 3 current trends in the field that will give you a thread for online promotion.

  1. Production of virtual live events
    The year 2020 has brought a tremendous acceleration, almost inevitably, in everything related to digital meetings and events. The plague of the corona, which came as a complete surprise to us, devoured all the cards and caused almost all sections of the population, from the youngest to the oldest, to start getting used to virtual life.

    Studies have been zoomed in, business meetings, medical treatments and even holiday eve tables have been celebrated remotely. “For small and medium.sized business owners, it has been a difficult financial year,” says Sheetrit, who has 14 years of rich experience as a senior manager in the technology and marketing industry. ” And valuable – two key factors in long.term customer retention. ”

    In 2020, the field of streaming broadcasting increased by 45%, and businesses that adopted the use of video and live broadcasts on social networks were able to create meaningful and many more connections with customers.

  2. Promoting a relationship
    With the drastic increase in the number of online purchases, there has been a significant decline in customer loyalty which has been reflected in new proprietary behavior and experience in new products. As a result, the importance of marketing, which aims to foster loyalty among customers, is unbearable, and can happen by focusing on the changing needs of customers.

    Guy Sheetrit, who was chosen second in the world by the prestigious Ink magazine as the leading authority in the field of organic SEO and marketing, recommends making human service one of the core values ​​of the business. “A business must brand itself as attentive to the customer,” Sheetrit explains. “Feedback allows the business owner to know the sincere thoughts of his customers, thus serving them better and keeping them loyal. Customer support and availability will ensure strong relationships with satisfied customers. “

    Creating a service that allows the customer to provide feedback to the business, both for audit and for reinforcement, along with an available and humane response, will help strengthen customer loyalty and the chances that he will return for another purchase.

  3. Create voice searches
    The proliferation of digital devices such as laptops, smartphones or smartwatches, and the need for synchronization between them, has given rise to the need for voice assistants. The ability to switch between electrical devices through a voice command, has quickly become a habit for us and today the use of voice searches is increasing.

    It is no wonder that businesses devote quite a bit of resources to optimizing their websites for voice instruction supporters. “A successful business should always keep an eye on the pulse, when it comes to leading trends,” shares Guy. The search for many results and the determination of codes are not too rigid, they are just some of the points that need to be paid attention to, when building the possibility of voice searches. ”

After making a long journey in the United States and succeeding in promoting thousands of businesses with the revolutionary methods he has developed in the field of Internet promotion, Guy Sheetrit has agreed to reveal to you the secrets of the digital marketing he uses.

When the world is still struggling with a global epidemic and the future is full of fog, no matter what the horizon is, with a little knowledge and rich experience Guy Sheetrit, only 37 years old and already accumulated a lifetime of knowledge, agrees to share the blogs he writes, , Virtual.

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