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Microsoft is working on a safe mode for Edge With which you hope to reduce the number of bugs and vulnerabilities by disabling JIT and enabling other mitigations instead, without affecting browser performance.

The mode ‘Super Duper Secure’ it would reduce the exploitation of vulnerabilities by disabling some functions, balancing security and performance in a JavaScript-based browser.

Specifically, the mode focuses on the compilation “Just-In-Time ‘ (JIT), which was introduced in 2008 to speed up some specific tasks in JavaScript, but it is a security problem, given the number of vulnerabilities and bugs that have been identified.

The solution is not as simple as removing JIT, since although the security problems would be mitigated, it would be impairing JavaScript performance, as stated from the Edge team on Microsoft’s page on GitHub. Problems with memory consumption or rendering time would appear, for example.

The tech company is investigating the consequences of disabling JIT, with the ‘Super Duper Secure’ mode experiment (working name). At the moment, the mode disables JIT (TurboFan / Sparkplug) and enables Intel Control-Flow Enforcement (CET) technology for hardware-based exploit mitigation. Little by little the company will enable new mitigations and add support for Web Assambly.

Being an experiment at the moment, the company has made this mode available to developers on GitHub, to receive their feedback on the experience.

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