Six 55 – inch smart tv ideal for watching the World Cup

There is no better opportunity to switch to an advanced TV than during the World Cup season. Knowing the interest of the Argentine public in this competition, many manufacturers advanced their lines in 2022 to expand the offer and deliver a premium configuration. On this note, best ultra slim 55 inch smart tv.

This teams –that are just one step below the top of the range and several above entry-level 4K – have been on the market for less than a year and offer a multi-core processor, high dynamic range (HDR) display, proprietary operating system and surround sound.

The current standard in televisions is 4K or Ultra HD, which makes up a 3,840 by 2,160 pixel box. Resolution indicates how densely these individual pixels come together to form the image you see on the screen. The higher the count, the higher the definition.

The six 55-inch 4K TVs are: LG 55″ Nano Cell 4K, Sony BRAVIA X80J, Xiaomi Mi TV P1, Samsung 55″ 4K TV AU7000, Noblex Black Series 55”, TCL L55P725.

LG 55 “Nano Cell 4K

LG 55″ Nano Cell 4K. With nanocrystal technology. It costs $150,000.

Many LCDs rely on nanocrystals to reproduce more realistic tones and achieve a brilliant appearance, with low power consumption. And although each brand adapts this technology to its matrix, the principle is the same for all.

These are tiny particles made of semiconducting materials that modify the wavelength of light so that it shines in any shade of the spectrum. This is the purpose of the QLED technology used by Samsung, Sony’s Triluminous panels, or LG’s Nano Cell, among other brands that are committed to a similar strategy.

The most advanced solution (applied by top models) are miniLEDs. This backlight technology is supported by an array of very small LED diodes, which allows a greater number to be included to achieve high levels of detail.

The panel that LG mounts on its NanoCell is based on LED LCD technology, IPS matrix and Edge LED backlighting. This combination achieves viewing angles of up to 178º and low power consumption.

At its core is a smart 4-core 10-bit processor capable of running 4K content and a host of apps without a hitch. It is compatible with HDR 10 Pro. It is 150 thousand pesos.


Sony BRAVIA X80J. It is the only 50-inch. $169,999.

A screen with admirable contrast and optimal balance is of little use, if it is accompanied by a low-resonance sound system. A sign of confidence is that the TV supports Dolby Atmos (DA), Considered the new industry standard.

This technology offers surround sound in a radius of 360 degrees. The great advantage of DA is that it can use a channel of 128 tracks and coordinate up to 118 sound objects simultaneously. In addition, it detects the number of channels and is responsible for distributing voices, noises and effects.

In order to enjoy DA, the content has to be mixed with this technology. And at the same time, the device that plays it, in this case the television, must be compatible. Both Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + offer it in some series. When activated, an icon is displayed that warns that you are using this option.

On a technical level, one of the most complete is the Sony smart. In terms of audio, in addition to DA – it also comes with Dolby Vision, the equivalent for image – it has two 20W X-Balanced speakers, with a less oval appearance, to offer clear sound.

It has a light sensor that optimizes the brightness of the image according to the ambient conditions. It comes with built-in Chromecast and gives access to Apple AirPlay. In terms of software, it incorporates the Google TV system, which is one step more advanced than the traditional Android TV.

Its processor is the 4K HDR Processor X1, which uses Object Based HDR Remaster technology that analyzes the objects that appear in the scene separately, to adjust the brightness of each object and not globally. With the Triluminos Pro algorithm. 50 inches costs 169,999 pesos.

Samsung 55″ 4K TV AU7000

Samsung 55" 4KTVAU7000. It comes with the Crystal 4K Processor. $106,999. Samsung 55″ 4K TV AU7000. Comes with Crystal 4K Processor. $106,999.

The processor, as in computers or mobile phones, is a key element, since other procedures depend on its performance such as resolution, HDR content management, color accuracy, movements in scenes.

Another of his tasks is the scaling of frames from 64 to 120 per scene. In real time, the artificial intelligence associated with the chip detects and corrects imperfections in the image, such as the focus of grainy scenes. In addition, it analyzes the quality of the image signal and adapts the content to avoid ghosting.

Samsung’s Crystal 4K Processor is a chip that raises the image to the QLED quality range, but without including the quantum dots. They are LED TVs with UHD capability, 4K resolution and HDR compatibility. It also achieves more realistic color expressions thanks to its color mapping technology.

The thickness of the screen is 2.5 cm and without visible borders, which gives the feeling of greater size. This television, to improve aesthetics, allows the power, sound and image cables to be hidden inside the rear gutters. Is 106.999 pesos.

TCL L55P725

TCL L55P725. DTS HD and Dolby Audio sound decoding system. $101,999. TCL L55P725. DTS HD and Dolby Audio sound decoding system. $101,999.

Televisions are increasingly complex and need to transmit many orders simultaneously. To regulate this ecosystem made up of applications and services, it is a condition that there is a higher order to authorize, prioritize and update information. Thus, the operating system (OS) that governs the television will be a differentiating factor in the user experience and in the adjustment and customization options.

Despite its importance, there is no universal OS model since each brand adapted software to its environment. This implies that each smart TV is subject to an exclusive interface, with its own functionalities and an ecosystem of tailored applications.

The four OS that run behind these UHD screens are WebOS for LG, Tizen is the one chosen by Samsung. The rest, bet on Google TV. The most efficient is WebOS, which is distinguished by its speed. While Tizen is the most visually appealing. The advantage of Google TV is the number of applications available for download.

The TCL comes with a certified Google TV operating system and Google Assistant with Hands Free Voice Control to navigate menus using voice commands. Alongside the immersive Dolby Audio technology is DTS intelligent sound processing, which enables audio decoding without any compression. Is 101.999 pesos.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1

Xiaomi MiTV P1. on Android TV 10, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and Dolby Audio and DTS-HD sound processing. $104,788. Xiaomi MiTV P1. on Android TV 10, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and Dolby Audio and DTS-HD sound processing. $104,788.

This is the first model that the Chinese firm opens locally. This Xiaomi model attacks with its technical artillery, attracting the attention of users with an accessible proposal, equipped with Android TV 10, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and Dolby Audio and DTS-HD sound processing.

Chromecast integration allows you to send videos from your mobile to your TV and use your smartphone as a remote control. It even has the Google Assistant built in. Just press a button on the remote to ask questions or send voice commands.

The device is integrated into the Xiaomi ecosystem and, thanks to its artificial intelligence, it is capable of answering questions, checking the calendar or controlling all the smart devices in the house with the Google assistant. Cost $104.788.

Noblex DK55X9500

Noblex Black Series 55. Con la tecnología QLED Quantum Dot. $ 92.999. Noblex Black Series 55. Con la tecnología QLED Quantum Dot. $ 92.999.

Noblex Black Series televisions have QLED Quantum Dot technology that gives a greater definition of colors and a better level of contrast. In turn, they are equipped with Eye Protect, a function that reduces eye fatigue with less blue light emission. It comes with VIDAA OS to access the main streaming applications. They also have Bluetooth 5.0.

In addition, it has a backlight system called Full Array Dimming that allows the screen to adjust the lighting in zones to create better contrast, more intense brightness and better defined shadows. All this will enhance your experience in front of the screen. Is 92.999 pesos.

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