Surfing in Chrome? You should hurry up and read this article

If you are reading the following article in the Google Chrome browser, or you use it daily – you should stop everything and check immediately if your browser is updated to the latest version released by Google on Friday, and number 99.0.4844.84. The update has now been released, just days before the next version of the browser – 100 – which is due out this coming Tuesday, because Google learned of the breach after it was found by hackers, who exploited it to attack people.

“We are aware that there is a loophole. Access to details and links on the bug may remain restricted until most users update their browser,” the company said. We have not yet fixed it. ” This means that the company can not say what the breach is – because it may help other hackers find and exploit it.

However, according to several reports, this is a loophole in the mechanism that allows the browser to identify different types of content, and causes confusion in the type of content to crash (close) the browser, and on the way to running malicious code.

Here’s how to check if the update is available to you – and if it has already been updated:
Copy “chrome: // settings / help” to the browser’s address bar
Press Enter and look at the number and the message that will appear next to it and say whether an update is available
If so – install it immediately.

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