The vena cover will turn the Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15 into a wallet
Our smartphones include a mobile wallet, whether it’s through Google Wallet or Apple Pay, but we still need to carry a physical wallet for a driver’s license, a health insurance card (in some cases), an office employee badge and various other types of cards. In short, we still haven’t been able to completely get rid of our physical cards, but we’re on our way there.The American mobile accessories company – vena offers covers for Samsung, Apple and Google smartphones, while the vCommute model offers an elegant solution that combines storage space for physical cards as well as a desktop stand. It is not built like a book cover that also wraps around the screen. I tested the vCommute on the Galaxy S23 Plus, when it exists for other models, such as the new Galaxy S24 series, the various iPhone 14 and 15 models and also the various Google Pixel devices.

vCommute – crash protection

The cover is designed with a hardened structure of two-layer polycarbonate (hard and scratch-resistant material) and TPU (a flexible material that provides protection against shocks) and also a technology called CornerGuard that protects the corners of the smartphone (the most vulnerable areas of the device in the event of a fall) which meets the military drop test standard – 810G-516.6, which should help him survive 26 drops from a height of 1.22 meters.

The cover is comfortable to hold in the hand, while its protection of the physical buttons on the side of the smartphone, still allows a comfortable press. The cover itself is not light and it adds weight and thickness to the thin smartphone, so you should take that into account. Despite its thickness, the cover allows you to charge the smartphone with a wireless charging pad (it is necessary to open the back of the cover) or to use magnetic mounts in the car (the back of the cover includes a magnet).

vCommute – place for the physical cards
The back of the cover hides inside a location for three physical cards. In order to reach them, simply open the back part built like a book cover. This part is magnetized to the back of the cover and it includes a place to store the cards. In my test, it did not block the ability to pay by touch (Tap to Pay) with the Google Pay service, nor did I have any difficulty using my physical employee card by touching the office doors, without having to take it out of my wallet.

Another solution offered by the vena cover is a stand for watching movies from the smartphone. Instead of looking for a place to put your phone on or hold it in your hand, on the back of the vCommute is the cover that protects the physical cards, while it also folds and is magnetized in a way that allows it to be placed on the table at several angles, making it possible to watch Netflix easily, sitting down to lunch. price: NIS 110 to 185 (30 to 50 dollars, depending on the model), through the company’s website.

Bottom line, the vCommute is a cover that allows you to finally get rid of the physical wallet and also use it as a smartphone stand. It is a rugged cover that provides protection for the smartphone, but as a result, it makes your phone heavier and thicker.

OutCross – hardened cover that loses color

For users who want a slightly lighter and thinner cover, vena offers the OutCross (for a variety of Samsung and Google smartphones). It does not include the wallet and stand solution, but it offers protection against drops and shocks, similar to the vCommute model. It also includes an elevation in the lens and screen area, for better protection. On the other hand, the case I tested on the Galaxy S23 Plus which was graphite-gray in color started to lose its color in different areas within a few weeks. This cover, too, had no difficulty allowing payment with Google Pay. price: 55 to 110 shekels (15 to 30 dollars, depending on the model and the sale), through the company’s website.

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