Man is an urgent animal. It needs to get from one place to another quickly in all conditions, even in winter. Olympic-level aids and professional lubrication have been developed to accelerate this transition.

If the trip doesn’t go well after all, you have to ski to the spruce. For example, to an oxygen camp in Tasmania.

Tasmania is really far. It is a small island south of Australia. You can’t ski there, so local residents have to find other pastimes and livelihoods. Thus opium is grown in Tasmania.

In Tasmania’s conditions, the opium poppy grows in open fields so that only a hiss can be heard. Few people know this. Most of the raw materials for hard painkillers are produced on Tasmanian plantations. That is, legally, for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

These are permitted substances. The opium poppy yields effective anesthetics such as morphine and codeine, which we use as painkillers.

In Afghanistan, the same plant is used to make heroin, which is defined as an illegal drug. Noxious plant derivatives all the same.

I will picture now enters the wallaby. Specifically, the red-faced wallaby (Notamacropus rufogriseus). It is a small kangaroo, about a meter long. In practice, the Australian and Tasmanian equivalent of our rusakko. Being a kangaroo, it doesn’t ski, it jumps.

Kangaroos are herbivores. You can guess the end.

Vallabi jumps over the fence of the opium plantation and nibbles at the growth with such great enthusiasm that, thank God, it does not have to appear at the Ski Association’s press conference after eating.

The substance is not good for the animal. There have been reports of kangaroos just spinning around in circles and forgetting to hydrate.

So in Tasmania, many ways have been tried to prevent these athletic marsupials from jumping into the drug fields and tasting the forbidden fruit.

Or is it a permitted substance after all? Cultivation is legal in Tasmania because the substance is produced for the pharmaceutical industry. How would an animal know that?

For Vallabi himself, all this will certainly come as a complete surprise.

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