Contraceptive methods intended for men were also studied in Finland 50 years ago.

In February 1974: A Finnish research group investigating the possibilities of developing a safe and harmless contraceptive method for men has received a grant of approximately 110,000 marks from the World Health Organization for the year 1974.

The research group working at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry of the University of Helsinki has focused on investigating the metabolism of human sperm and the biochemistry of semen.

“So far, very little is known about these matters. It has been a neglected area for some reason. Instead, the corresponding side of a woman is well known down to the molecular level,” said associate professor Juhani Jänne, who leads the research group.

“At this point, nothing can be said about what kind of contraception we will end up with.”

According to Associate Professor Jänte, the research can also be extended to cover the causes of male infertility.

The research was started at the beginning of 1973 and is part of WHO’s human reproduction research and teaching program.

“Basically, it is a three-year grant and the amount received now is intended only for this year. So far, we’ve already received about 200,000 marks, and next year there should be even more,” said docent Jänne.

The World Health Organization WHO has promised to support the research for three years, although according to docent Jänte, the time may extend a little beyond that time.

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