Windows ends the Mixed Reality platform with the 24H2 version of Windows 11

Microsoft has announced that Windows Mixed Reality will end support starting with the 24H2 version of Windows 11, a deactivation that includes the Mixed Reality Portal application, Windows Mixed Reality for Seam VR and Steam VR Meta.

Windows Mixed Reality is a software platform that the technology company launched in 2017 to integrate augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology into your operating system.

In addition to offering a viewer that would have this service, the Hololens augmented reality glasses, Microsoft collaborated with other device manufacturers such as Acer, Asus or Lenovo to produce VR headsets compatible with said platform.

The firm announced last December that it was no longer in use and that it would discontinue both the services Mixed Reality for SteamVR y Steam VR Beta such as the Mixed Reality Portal application, something that will take place with the latest version of Windows 11 (24H2).

With this, he has clarified that existing Windows Mixed Reality devices will continue to work with Steam until November 2026as long as users stay with their current version of the operating system (23H2), without updating to the most recent one.

On the other hand, he commented that, after that date, Windows Mixed Reality will no longer receive security updates, as well as others that are not related to this area, bug fixes or online technical support.

Likewise, it has clarified that this end of support “does not affect HoloLens” and has stressed that it maintains its commitment to the owners of these devices, as well as to the business customers who use them.

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