Google celebrates 100 million Google One subscribers, a figure it hopes to boost with the new AI plan

Google One the service that expands the storage capacity of Drive, Gmail and Photos, has exceeded 100 million subscriptions a milestone that the technology company hopes to reinforce and surpass with the new plan focused on artificial intelligence (AI) that allows Gemini Advanced to be tested.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai anticipated in late January that Google One was “on the verge of reaching” 100 million subscribed users, a figure the company hoped to boost with the addition of more AI-based features.

The service that expand cloud storage space has already exceeded those 100 million users, as the shared Pichai in X and it did so shortly after a new subscription plan was announced.

We just crossed 100M Google One subscribers! Looking forward to building on that momentum with our new AI Premium Plan (launched yesterday) offering AI features like Gemini Advanced, plus Gemini in Gmail, Docs + more coming soon.

— Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) February 9, 2024

Specific, Google One AI Premium which brings together Google’s AI capabilities, including the company’s most advanced and powerful large language model, Gemini Advanced, formerly known as Ultra, and the Gemini assistant in Gmail and Docs.

Google One appeared in May 2018 as a paid cloud storage service intended for expand the space available in services such as Gmail, Drive and Photos, in addition to offering Additional functions for photography editing or for collaborative work in Workspace.

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