Meta will limit the appearance of recommended political content on Instagram and Threads

Meta will limit the appearance of recommended political content in the main feeds reels and suggested users in Instagram y Threads for those people who do not want to see this type of content on a regular basis.

The company led by Mark Zuckerberg has shared its intention to change the approach they have to political content on their social networks, with the aim of “preserve people’s ability to choose” if they want to interact with them and “respect” those who are interested in these topics.

In this framework, Meta has indicated that “over the next few weeks” will stop recommending political content on Instagram and Threads Specifically, in the explore section, in the reels, in the ‘feed’ recommendations and in the suggested users.

With political content, the company has indicated that it refers to topics potentially related to issues such as “laws, elections or social issues”, as stated in a statement on their Instagram blog, where they indicated that they do not want to “proactively recommend political content” from accounts that users do not follow.

However, as also specified by the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, In a post on Threads, this new approach to political content “does not change the way content is displayed for accounts that users choose to follow,” that will continue to appear in the ‘feeds’ as normal.

Following this line, for those users who wish to continue receiving recommendations of political content, a new function with which you can control the content limitation.

That is, although political content will no longer be recommended in general terms for all accounts, with this new function users will be able to choose whether they want to accept that the social network in question limits this type of content or, on the contrary, that it follows it. offering on a regular basis..

For its part, Meta has indicated that the professional accounts on Instagram will be able to “verify their eligibility” to be recommended from the Account Status section, depending on whether they have recently published political content or not.

Likewise, if they have published political content and wish to be recommended, They will be able to edit or delete said recent posts. They may also request a review if you do not agree with Meta’s decision to limit your recommendation by the published content.

Finally, Meta has recommended “stop posting this type of content for a period of time”, so that accounts can be eligible to “be referred again”.

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