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Instagram has become the setting for a series of on-demand attacks for which in exchange for a payment you can get the disabling of certain user accounts, a type of clandestine business that takes advantage of the platform’s protection mechanisms to profit.

A new type of scam haunts Instagram users. From clandestine forums, the work to disable particular accounts of the social network is advertised, a business that is often linked to the opposite process: the restoration of accounts that have been disabled by the platform itself.

On-demand services to disable accounts take advantage of Instagram protection systems, as reported on Motherboard. Thus, and once the action is contracted, the scammer can create an account on the platform and once it is verified, modify the profile information and the image to impersonate the victim’s identity with it. Reporting the latter for impersonation is enough to remove it from the social network.

Another method is the fraudulent report that activates the protocol of the suicide or self-harm policy of the platform. On the Internet you can find ‘scripts’ to make massive complaints of accounts in an automated way, as one of the victims has reported.

The service offers to disable accounts are affordable. According to Motherboard, one of the consulted advertisements charges between 5 and 30 dollars, depending on the number of followers you have, while another charges $ 60 for each account deleted.

On the other side of the coin are services that offer the opposite process: restore a deleted account by Instagram. In fact, and according to one of the victims, both businesses are linked, since as soon as they are the target of a fraudulent disqualification, a message may arrive offering to recover it in exchange for a price, which is usually between 3,500 and 4,000 dollars.

Instagram has assured the aforementioned medium that is investigating this type of activity, as well as the forums where these services are offered.

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