Ma’aleh Corporate Responsibility has unveiled the Ma’aleh ESG 2021 ranking, and Western Digital was chosen as the leader in the field. The organization’s prestigious ranking, published in 2003, seeks to examine the degree of commitment and socio.environmental impact of bodies and organizations in the economy, and serves as the main indicator for assessing corporate responsibility in Israel.

Western Digital, the world’s leader in data infrastructure, invested heavily in social and environmental issues during 2020. During this year, the company donated over NIS 1.5 million in direct donations, community activities, equipment donations and employee volunteer hours, to a very wide range of projects.

In 2020, the year of Corona, over 40% of the company’s employees volunteered and influenced in diverse community programs and initiatives, despite the limitations of social distance. In the past year, the company has managed to take care of its partners and maintain a variety of online volunteers; To establish the national “Considerate” project, which collected about 8,500 second.hand computers that were distributed to children from across the social and geographical periphery, in response to the digital divide and support for children with weakened backgrounds.

In addition, the company continued to promote projects for diverse target communities – and especially for the advancement of women, the ultra.Orthodox population and the Arab population. Notable projects include the bootcamp for ultra.Orthodox women designed to train and integrate them in the industry (a joint project with Kamatech), a collaboration with QueenB that aims to make technology accessible to middle school girls and thus create future opportunities for them in the industry. In addition, the company set up a new committee this year to manage local donations under the direct influence of employees. Western Digital employees have been invited to submit inquiries to the committee and represent associations and communities that are important to them, thus allowing them to personally and directly select their bodies they are interested in contributing to.

In the field of environment, Western Digital launched on Earth Day the Easy Recycle recycling program. The program, implemented in the US, offers private customers of Western Digital to return used products at no cost, in a very convenient way, in favor of secure recycling of used drives. In order to expand it to more places in the world.

Boaz Greenberg, CEO of Western Digital Israel: “In the past year, we have continued to work for the community more vigorously, along with the uncomplicated restrictions imposed on us by the Corona epidemic.“

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