For the blind and visually impaired: an innovative system for orientation in space in hospitals

Step-Hear is an innovative system for orienting oneself in space from the company “Mahalev – The Center for Quality of Life and Accessibility”, owned by a reinforcement company. Last month, it was installed at Barzilai University Medical Center in Ashkelon and Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem.

The system will allow the visually impaired or the blind and people with difficulty navigating to get inside and out of medical buildings using voice prompts.
In Brazil, 40 Step-Hear devices have been installed in the hospital, and they allow the user to navigate around the medical institution with the help of the free Step-Hear app, which automatically activates voice instructions for locating the entrance to the building, elevator, secretarial and reception, services and more.

This joins the two medical centers for Step-Hear installations, which were recently performed at the Yoseftal hospitals in Eilat, Assaf Harofe and Rambam.
Step-Hear is an Israeli technology, and Ravit Cardi, CEO of Mahalev – the Center for Quality of Life and Accessibility, said: “We are happy to allow independent and safe mobility in hospitals as well. The technology also makes the complexity of the hospitals’ complex campuses possible. ”

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