Prior to approval of commercial deliveries in the glider: At the Herzliya Medical Center Hospital, blood tests were successfully transferred by air within a distance of about seven kilometers between medical centers in the city.

The experiment was carried out thanks to a collaboration with two Israeli companies: when the first – Cando, provided the glider for the project and the second – Highlander, provided the app that allows autonomous gliding.

The Medical Center wanted to test how the aircraft would function in transferring tests from the specialist center to a hospital laboratory. And the benefits are clear: saving manpower, the skimmers are fast and do not stand in traffic jams and are even considered environmentally friendly due to the fact that they run on battery instead of fuel.

Autonomous skimmer pilot at Herzliya Medical Center (Photo: Nadav David, Herzliya Medical Center Medical Center)

The skimmer operated by him runs through an app, and when he arrives at the hospital he identifies the crew member and allows him to put the item in his trunk. This experiment involved urgent blood tests, but skimmers could be used to deliver medications alongside other uses in immediate medicine.

However, there are drawbacks to this technology, as cases of technical malfunction of any kind that may cause the glider to land a forced landing or even in the event of a malfunction – the aircraft may fall on the way.

According to Ziv Bitton, VP of Medical Center Herzliya, in the coming years we will see an increase in the use of skimmers. “The great innovation is to open an orderly airway. The future goes unequivocally there and we will look at the sky and see skimmers flying above us. We are happy to be the pioneers who are leading the revolution and combining the world of medicine and the world of aviation. “

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