The Israeli gaming company Bap Technologies is the first gaming company to be listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company has raised over NIS 30 million from various investors, after a great excess of demand. The company’s three founders and controlling shareholders are Eli De Bar, Ofir Gartner and Ofir Sharafi. The IPO was led by Valio Base Underwriting.

As of today, anyone can own shares in an Israeli gaming company – Bap Technologies. The field of computer games is one of the fastest growing and profitable fields in the world, but so far the Israeli gaming companies have remained private, and global gaming companies have been traded abroad.

The BUFF platform is designed for gamers who play video games (eSport) and supports the most famous games in the world, such as: Fortnite, Counter Strike, League of Legends, Rocket League and more.

Ili de Bar, CEO of BAP Technologies and one of the company’s founders: “We are pleased to join the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, thank investors for expressing confidence and see the IPO as an important milestone in the company’s development. The global gaming market Accelerated in its activities, among other things through the expansion of business collaborations, continuous improvement of technology and increased marketing and distribution activities. “

Amir Nahum, VP of Valio Base Underwriting, who led the offering: “The global gaming market is growing tremendously and in Israel there are many technology companies engaged in the field. We believe that the great success in the issuance of BAP Technologies will bring more companies from the industry to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. “

BUFF’s platform incorporates tools, methodologies and ideas from the field of Machine Learning, Big Data and AI, with the help of which the company knows how to identify the achievements that players have gained in the various games and thus reward players correctly and allow players to earn “Buff Points”. At the points earned, you can use various games supported by the company, purchase vouchers for Domino’s Pizza or Sony PlayStation, and even purchase physical products (such as a mouse and keyboard designed for gamers).

The company is involved in a cooperation agreement with Overwolf Ltd, the Israeli gaming start.up that developed a platform for computer games, which recently raised $ 52 million.

It is estimated that by 2020, video game players around the world have spent over $ 159 billion on video games, whether for their desktop PCs, mobile devices or game consoles. The annual revenue of the gaming market is equal to the revenue of both the music market and the movie market. According to the website statista, as of 2020 the global gaming market stands at about 2.7 billion people – about a third of the world’s population. This is compared to 1.5 billion people 5 years ago and 200 million a decade ago.

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